SF BATS Report: Wanless & The Tower

I attended a session at BATS given by James Wanless, the man who created one of my favorite decks, The Voyager Tarot. I don’t know what I was expecting, and that was a good thing. Judging from how comfortable Mr. Wanless was in front of a crowd, perhaps he wasn’t going in with any expectations either. He seemed like he was winging it, really. I respect that.

We talked about The Tower. A card no one likes, but is so very useful in his way of reading – which is really coaching. “Break out before you break down!” the card screams to him. He asked us to close our eyes and think about the energy of the card as a revolutionary. What would that person say? Discussions of what messages might come from Che Guevara, Angela Davis and many other iconic revolutionaries ensued.

It was at this point in BATS that I started to think about all those cards that don’t have the image of a person associated with them – the Tower, the Moon, etc… They are some of the most difficult cards. What would happen to my readings if I gave each of these cards the anthropomorphic treatment? An interesting exercise.