Weekly Reading 11.8.15

Light Grey Star of the Magi.jpeg

Star of the Magi: Sunday, November 8th, 2015
Deck: Light Grey Tarot 

1. Sunday (Sun) True Self, Ego, Life Force, Money The Fool
2. Monday (Moon)Emotions, Changes, Journeys 5 of Cups
3. Tuesday (Mars) Ambition, Energy, Risk Hierophant
4. Wednesday (Mercury) Communication, Business Matters 3 of Coins
5. Thursday (Jupiter) Faith, Luck, Abundance 8 of Wands
6. Friday (Venus) Love, Beauty, Pleasure Queen of Swords
7. Saturday (Saturn) Discipline, Work, Stability 9 of Cups

Notes on Deck: Click here for the Deck Interview

Notes on Spread: 2 Trumps, 1 Court Card

Thoughts for the Week:

I did this spread after the fact, after a weekend of traveling and illness. I’ll do a longer write up at the end of the week.