Weekly Planner Spread with Marseilles 1736 Tarot

Marseilles 1736 Weekly Planner.jpeg

I’ve been using the Weekly Planner Spread from The Tarot Parlor for a while now with a few small adjustments. It’s become my default weekly spread, helping me to focus and set some intentions on a Sunday. This week I’ll admit to some nervousness with the Marseilles deck – it’s not one I normally read with. I was pleasantly surprised at how clear, cohesive and calm the reading was. For several cards, there seemed to be an affinity or partner – the court cards coming out together, the three advice cards for distinct parts of my life seeming to fall out together, working together. And the last card was really two – and had a message that seemed to make the whole thing cohesive.

Deceptively simple, this deck. I’m looking forward to using it this week.

Card #1Theme/Focus of the Week: 7 of Cups

I do have a ton going on, and a ton I want to do – figures that this is a week where I need to make some choices. Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about how things are always perfect in my head, and how sometimes that stops me from doing things or seeing them through once I’ve started. That’s a 7 of Cups kind of thought, no?

Card #2 – Challenges That May Come Up This Week: Queen of Swords

Yup. I’ll need to make some choices. That’s what this lady does.

Card #3 – Advice to Overcome These Challenges: Knight of Swords

“But there is no reason not to have a little fun!” says the Knight. It reminds me of that saying – every no to one thing is a yes to something else. I’ll be keeping that in mind.

Card #4 – Work Life: 7 of Coins

Take stock. See where you are – and this is the week for that at the office as I close the books on one school year and plan for another.

Card #5 – Family Life: 10 of Swords, Reversed

This card popped out of the deck right after the 7 of Coins. I think it, and the one that jumped out after it in turn are all related. This one says, “Let it end. Respect the end of the cycle.”

Card #6 – Tarot Practice: Judgement, Reversed

This fits with the other two. It’s time to take stock, let some things go, and make a judgement call on a few things. In particular, I’ve got a massive plan for this blog that I have to admit isn’t realistic. Blogging + book = grumpy me. I have to make some choices.

Card #7How to Care For Myself?: 4 of Cups, Reversed / Ace of Cups

I like this combo. Again, the cards seem to be grouping themselves. This says “pour out all your cups, get everything out on the table. And then, instead of keeping things separate, seeing them as distinct and seeing lots of little failures, start to see it more holistically. This is your life – one life. What do you pour into that?” Oooo, I like that.