Advice From A Dowager Countess, Pt. 2

Advice From a Dowager Countess 7.jpeg

As I said in my last post, any reading I do with the Rider-Waite-Smith and Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand feels like Advice From a Dowager Countess. It’s like Maggie Smith is all dressed up as Dowager Lady Grantham and reading the cards in her most acidic voice. I started with a four card tarot reading about an upcoming business trip and got a clear answer. Now that I’ve seen what the tarot cards have to say, I’ll read the three lenormand cards for each position.

Advice From a Dowager Countess 3.peg

Card #1: Surrounding influences  for your upcoming trip.  4 of Wands(R)

Star, Lady, Sun

I was invited last minute because someone backed out, but these cards suggest that I’m selling myself short if I think the invitation is sloppy seconds. It’s likely I was already on a short list of possible people to be invited. I had already been invited to that breakfast meeting, after all.

Advice From a Dowager Countess 4.jpeg

Card #2: What you need to know about this trip, things that may be hidden. Knight of Cups (R)

Anchor, Tree, Mice

That Knight of Cups I’m so focused on is having a rough go of things as he tries to cement his position. I might have been invited as part of a particular strategy that has to do with long-term growth for his institution.

Advice From a Dowager Countess 5.jpeg

Card #3: What you will learn or understand as a result of this trip. 9 of Swords

Birds, Lilies, Child

The worries are absolutely about legacy. This Knight of Cups has a long-term plan. I’ll hear about it, and it will impact my students. I should note, however, that these three cards blunt the impact of that 9 of Swords, making it seem a little less scary!

Advice From a Dowager Countess 6.jpeg

Card#4: Outcome. 6 of Coins

Rider, Snake, Bouquet

I’ll get word that people have been talking about me, in a positive way, likely in September. This is perfect! This, plus the 6 of Coins makes me think that this trip will indeed be a huge benefit for my students come the fall.

After all is said and done, the tarot reading is still correct, but the lenormand cards have added helpful (but not strictly necessary) context. I was invited last minute, but it’s not a throwaway invitation. I am well known enough to have been considered for the invite in the firs go-round. I’ll learn some big stuff about the worries of a person who is trying to make change, but it isn’t life-shattering. In fact, it will help everyone – them, me, and those I share information with – to go on the trip.

Well, thank you Dowager Countess. I do appreciate the advice!