Tarot of the Absurd Deck Interview

Tarot of the Absurd Interview

It’s a great idea to ‘interview’ a new deck before you start to work with it, and many people rely on the following 6 card spread in that process for an effective intuitive exercise. (Six, you say? I see seven. Yup, I can’t resist making this a Seven Card Spread.) I decided it would make a nice change of pace to deal with a black and white deck, so I picked up my Tarot of the Absurd. After shuffling it three times to fully randomize it, I started the interview.

1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?

Page of Sticks. If this card could speak it would say: “I am enthusiastic! I’ll likely yell or sing my answers to your questions!”

2. What are your strengths as a deck?

Ace of Cups. I feel like this card says: “I am a cup overflowing. I am a joyful deck!”

3. What are your limits as a deck?

Queen of Blades. If this card could speak it would say: “Sometimes, I might be a bit blunt. I might be too black and white.”

4. What do you bring to the table? What lessons can you teach me?

Knight of Coins. If this card could speak it would say: “I do have a serious side. I am a solid deck, despite my title and cartoon illustrations. But don’t worry. I did my research. Work went into this.”

5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?

The Sun. If this card could speak it would say: “I like questions where I can shed light on a solution. Let me bring you illumination about your problems. Ask me what you aren’t seeing. Ask me about things that need to be made clear, or need to be brought into the light.”

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

Page of Coins. If this card could speak it would say: “You are going to learn a lot. But we’ll have fun and never take ourselves too seriously. I promise!”

7. Anything else I should know? Any question I didn’t ask?

Ace of Coins. If this card could speak it would say: “Get centered and grounded before you ask me things. I’m a bit of a flibbertigibbet so you need to be solid when you start. So please, take three deep breaths (minimum!) before we begins any session.”